Apply for a Grant - Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund

Apply for a Grant

To apply for a grant, please follow the instructions below. 

  1. Before completing the Grant Application, please review these helpful pages.
  2. Complete and sign the Grant Application.
  3. Submit to your building administrator the completed Grant Application for review and signature
  4. Submit to your PRSD Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Coordinator the completed Grant Application, with the building administrator's signature, for review and signature no later than the posted Grant Deadline.
  5. Your Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Coordinator will submit the completed Grant Application with all three signatures to the PROF Grants Committee for evaluation.
  6. The Grants Committee will review the Grant Application, then as needed contact the applicant(s) with any questions or clarifications that can be answered by email or invite the applicant(s) to speak about their grant at the Grants Committee review meeting in a Q&A format, and finally make a recommendation to the PROF trustees for a vote at the next scheduled PROF Board meeting corresponding to the deadline.
  7. Decisions are announced to the grant applicant within one week of the scheduled PROF Board Meeting corresponding to the grant deadline.
  8. Should you receive a grant, you will need to complete a Project Summary that will be due one month post conclusion of the project.  

Additional Helpful Resources:

For questions, please contact PROF Grants Committee Chair at [email protected].


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