Board of Trustees - Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund

Board of Trustees

PROF welcomes newly elected trustees Leslie Craven, Jennifer Husted, Ryan Lennie, and Jason Merante. We thank departing President, Moira Singer, for her passionate service to PROF and the Pine-Richland School District.  

Executive Board

Laura Ball, President

Eric Giesecke, Vice-President

David Jeter, Treasurer

Ryan Lennie, Comptroller

Jennifer Husted, Governance

Executive Director

Deborah Lund

Board of Trustees 

Charles D. Berry, Keri Brown, Leslie Craven, Joseph Culos, Kate Eyerman, Susan Hong-Bang, Jason Merante, Jim Neill, Terry Pomerleau, Stacey Silipo, Robin Tino, David Speidelsbach, Chris Vins (PRSD Faculty Liaison), Christine Misback (PRSD Board of Directors Liaison), 




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