Step 4: Application Instructions - Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund

Step 4: Application Instructions

To ensure alignment between PROF's mission and PRSD's initiatives, PROF requires all grants to have the signature of the:

  • Project Director,
  • Building Administrator, and
  • Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent.

Application Overview:

  • Section I
    • Cover Sheet asking for general project information
  • Section II
    • Narrative to provide detailed project information for evaluation by Grants Committee
  • Section III
    • Project Budget Sheet


  • Answer Grant Application questions as thoroughly yet concisely as possible, using the standard Word document provided in the application. Adjust spacing as necessary.
  • Supporting material should be scanned and submited in PDF format. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Photos
    • Drawings
    • Letters of endorsement
    • Supporting documentation from PRSD Administration if necessary
  • Signed applications may be submitted via:
  • Email completed application to [email protected]
  • Separate email from administrator and Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent with an explanation in lieu of signature



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