Grant Reimbursement - Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund

Grant Reimbursement

PROF grants will not be directly funded by PRSD and grant recipients should not send funding requests to PRSD, nor instruct PROF to make payments to PRSD. 

Funding for PROF grants items or services can be paid directly to the vendor by the Grant Recipient (with subsequent reimbursement from PROF) or for grants over $500 directly by PROF to the vendor.

For payments made by PROF directly to the vendor, the grant recipient must contact the vendor and get a quote or an invoice. 

  • “BILL TO” address should be PROF’s address: PO Box 248, Wexford, PA  15090
  • “SHIP TO” address should be the appropriate PRSD school address.
  • Fill out a reimbursement form for each individual vendor

Submit a Reimbursement Form(s), accompanied by quotes/invoices and/or receipts, within 30 days of award notification to:

  • [email protected]   (preferred method)
  • PROF, Attn: Grants Documentation, PO Box 248, Wexford PA 15090

If necessary, apply within those 30 days for ONE extension of a second 30 days or a date determined by the Grants Chair.  

PROF now DOES have a credit card and check paying capabilities  This should significantly speed up the processing period for payments made directly by PROF to the vendor or reimbursement to the grant awardee.

Grant recipients should be aware that any physical assets purchased related to PROF Grants, become the property of PRSD.

Download the Reimbursement Form


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