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Scanning Instructions

All scholarship application documents need to be uploaded and submitted electronically.  If you have files (e.g. resume and essays) already on your computer, this is easy to do. However, all online or paper documents (e.g. transcripts or tax forms) need to be downloaded or scanned, saved as a PDF file on your computer, then uploaded during the application process.  See below for options for how to download/save documents to your computer.


Please be sure to capture all grades from each year of high school. Computers vary in how you can download this information. You may be able to save your entire transcript in one document, but if necessary, you may use two documents when you upload to the scholarship application. One possible technique for downloading follows.

1.  Select desired text. For transcripts, select text that begins at the line that has your earliest year and grades in high school (sample below) through the most recent classes, grades, and GPA on your transcript.

       Year:        2013-14          Grade:   09              Year:        2014-15         Grade:    10

       Building:  Pine-Richland High School             Building:  Pine-Richland High School

                                            ---  SCROLL THROUGH  ---

       GPA Type                 GPA

       ACADEMIC GPA       4.0000

2.  Save selection to a PDF on your computer.

3.  Upload this file(s) when prompted during the application process.

4.  Alternatively, you may print and follow instructions for paper documents below.


1.  You may scan your documents with a printer/scanner. Save file as a PDF.

2.  Alternatively, you may use the camera on your cell phone or an app (like CamScanner) to photograph paper documents.

- Take and save a picture of the document using your cell phone. Check your picture to be sure everything is clear.

- Email the picture to your computer and save it as a PDF (on hard drive or memory device).

3.  Upload this file(s) when prompted during the application process.





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